Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference

Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference

MassURC: 2021 Virtual Conference

Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference

Friday, April 23, 2021




It was an honor to showcase the innovation and resilience of 905 undergraduate students representing 26 of the Massachusetts public higher education institutions.



Friday, April 23, 2021

The annual Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference (MassURC) brings together undergraduate students from the twenty-eight public colleges and universities within the Commonwealth. During this virtual event, the public has a chance to see the diverse and defining research that Massachusetts students are conducting with the support of faculty. The conference serves to broaden our understanding of research, showcasing investigation in over sixty subject areas, including biochemistry, history, architecture, marketing, fine art, and sociology. Going beyond observing, conference attendees have a chance to engage with undergraduate students and get an intimate look at how their research was conducted, in addition to the purpose and outcomes. 

Join us in the MassURC Event Hub!

The event hub is your personal platform for ALL conference information and programs. Research presentations are available for viewing until Friday, May 7, 2021.


     8:30 am     Research in Conversation     


Conversation sessions take place throughout the day 8:30 am  4:30 pm


Live Zoom sessions designed for MassURC presenters to meet with faculty and peers and explore a common area of study or theme and share their ideas, research experiences, and passions. 


     10:30 am     2021 Keynote Speaker Q&A


Keynote Presentation

Keynote Q&A


H. Zahra Caldwell, PhD

We are excited to announce that H. Zahra Caldwell, associate professor in the Ethnic and Gender Studies Department at Westfield State University, has been selected as the 2021 MassURC keynote speaker.

Research & Wonder, The Terrible, The Historical, and The Joyous

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Student Moderator


Sumner Lewis '21, Westfield State University

Sumner Lewis (she/her) is a senior from Westfield State University, graduating with a degree in political science. In addition, she is a writer for Alma, a Jewish culture publication, focusing on the experiences of Jews of Color and how Jewish life is portrayed in the media. Her studies include minors in Communication, Ethnic and Gender Studies, and History.


     1:30 pm      Leadership Panel     


A live panel discussion and Q&A session that will feature distinguished speakers who represent leadership from across the Massachusetts public higher education spectrum. The panelists include Laura Douglas, President, Bristol Community College, F. Javier Cevallos, President, Framingham State University, and Kumble R. Subbaswamy, Chancellor, University of Massachusetts Amherst.

The leaders will engage with student presenters in a 45-minute discussion and Q&A session and share the impact that undergraduate research and creative scholarship have had on their careers. The leadership panel Q&A will be moderated by an undergraduate student and open to pre-selected audience questions.


President, Framingham State University


President, Bristol Community College


Chancellor, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Student Moderators


Chandler Farley '21, Framingham State University

Chandler Farley is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in business and information technology with dual minors in computer science and marketing. In addition to being a scholar in the Commonwealth Honors Program, she has two internships: one at a local technology company performing Inside Sales, and the other as the Social Media, Marketing, and Website Design Intern for the Chris Walsh Center for Educators and Families of the MetroWest. She will earn her degree after completing only three years of undergraduate study and will begin a full-time position at Dell EMC upon graduation.


Parker Sweet '21, University of Massachusetts Amherst

A public health sciences major in the accelerated B.S/ M.P.H program, Parker Sweet is also a member of the Commonwealth Honors College. His concentration in Health Promotion and Management led to the opportunity to conduct social epidemiology research and complete his Honors Thesis while working with Dean Robinson, PhD. In April of 2021, Parker was recognized as one of the 29 Who Shine



MassURC is a State-Wide Partnership

We thank each of our partners for their dedication to research and their commitment to showcasing the work being done by undergraduate students across the Commonwealth. MassURC is supported by Commonwealth Honors College at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, the Massachusetts State University Council of Presidents, and the Massachusetts Community Colleges.


Learn who is eligible to be a presenter at MassURC, how to submit an abstract, and presentation options during the conference. 

Find Resources for Presenters

Faculty Sponsor

All students who present during MassURC must have a Faculty Sponsor who works directly with them to prepare their research, abstract, and presentation for the conference.

Campus Contact b

Names and contact information for the individual(s) from each of the 28 schools included in MassURC, who can assist students and faculty who have questions about the conference.


MassURC in Review


Over 1,100 undergraduate students from twenty-five public colleges and universities in Massachusetts were scheduled to share their research through 901 presentations across sixty-seven areas of study.

  2019 (25th Anniversary)


In 2019, over 1,250 students from twenty-four public universities, colleges, and community colleges presented their original research and celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference. David W. Cash, Ph.D., Dean and Associate Professor, John W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, UMass Boston, delivered the keynote address. 

2019 MassURC Abstracts


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