Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

UMass Amherst is dedicated to providing as many opportunities for on-campus employment as possible to our graduate students. Students may use the links below to learn more about available positions, and faculty and staff may use this form to have your graduate assistantship posted on this page.

The Partnership for Worker Education

The Partnership for Workers Education

General Statement of Duties

The University of Massachusetts The Partnership for Worker Education program is a joint educational partnership among the University (Division of Human Resources), AFSCME, USA/MTA, and PSU/MTA. 

Project work involves development of on-campus design, implementation and evaluation of a career ladder model, developed by PWE’s Auxiliary Enterprises Career Ladder Program.  Project work involves attention to organizational components and creation of tools to facilitate promotion, as well as the design and delivery of participatory workforce development courses tailored to the needs of Auxiliary Enterprises workforce.

The PA is responsible for assisting in the development of the project’s various components, and will assist in all aspects of the project as described above, particularly will assist with training design, implementation and evaluation.

The PA will assist in the following tasks:

  1. Assist in the research, design and delivery of the tailored courses
  2. Assist in different components of the Auxiliary Enterprises Career Ladder
  3. Participate in the monitoring and evaluation project as appropriate
  4. Participate in PWE project meetings
  5. Other duties as assigned.


  1. Knowledge/experience in teaching adult populations.
  2. Knowledge/ experience with participatory adult education techniques.
  3. Knowledge/technical expertise in evaluation processes.
  4. Knowledge/ experience with online instructional design.
  5. Familiarity with adult education philosophy and practices.
  6. Ability to present gathered knowledge in a compelling format.
  7. Data management, communication, and organization skills are essential.
  8. Knowledge of data analysis software and basic computer skills (word-processing, spreadsheets, and databases) is required.
  9. Ability to communicate effectively at the workplace with managers, blue-collar workers and union representatives.
  10. High level of personal responsibility.
  11. Ability to adhere to deadlines and work as part of a team.
  12. Ability to speak Nepali, Vietnamese, Mandarin is a plus.

This is a 15hr. position

Applicants please send your resume and the name of one reference to: Valerie Alexander, The Partnership for Workers Education, ; phone: 413 545 6263

We will begin reviewing applications by January 20th. Vacancy is open until filled.

Graduate Intern/Assistant Director Student Union Craft Center

Student Engagement and Leadership

Application Deadline:  April 3,  2020  
Dates of appointment:  8/24/20-5/22/21

Hours per week:  20

How to apply:  Send resume, cover letter and application to:
Contact Person: Donna Beauregard 

Click here for Application

Title: Graduate Intern/Assistant Director Student Union Craft Center

Address: Bartlett Hall

General Summary of Position

The Assistant Director will assist in implementing and managing the programs and operations of the Student Union (SU) Craft Center, including supervision of student employees, crafts and technology training, and other daily and expansive center operations. Graduate assistant director assumes all managerial responsibilities within the SU Craft Center in the absence of the Director. This assistantship provides an opportunity to apply multicultural and diversity assessment and evaluation principles in the context of individual and organizational development and practical experience in program management including evaluation, multicultural and diversity education, and crafts instruction. Reappointment is dependent on department need, satisfactory performance evaluation, experience, academic standing, and funding availability.

Required Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Assess and evaluate operational policy and procedures and conduct necessary research to make recommendations for increasing diversity in membership and staffing, and in participants and audience at programs such as Open House; recommend ways of promoting multicultural education through the center’s open floor hours, workshops and services.
  2. Recommend ways to provide for multicultural and diversity education for student staff; apply student development theory to educate, advise and counsel student staff on acquiring technical skills, developing individual life skills and cultivating interrelationships through experiential learning in a co-curricular environment.
  3. Provide individual and group crafts instruction to SU Craft Center members during daily drop-in hours. Educate and advise Center for Multicultural Advancement and Student Success (CMASS), cultural, religious, and similar Registered Student Organizations in expressing their culture and tradition through the arts in programs e.g. cultural nights. Apply student development principles to assist craft coordinators and members in understanding the creative process relative to their cultures and traditions; educate, advise and counsel students on aesthetic principles, coping with fear and failure, solving problems, developing their skills, and successfully producing their craft.
  4. Collaborate with Off Campus Student Center, Student Bridges, SGA, and other agencies, to advise and instruct department staff in utilizing SU Craft Center resources.
  5. Train and supervise student employees in management, crafts instruction, program development, safety, sales and marketing, supplies inventory control, cash and space management, computer technology, advertising and publicity; monitor staff programming schedule; facilitate weekly staff meetings.
  6. Manage resources and expenditures; maintain and enforce SU Craft Center operational policy; monitor student staff and members' adherence to SU Craft Center, Student Engagement, and university policies and procedures. Ensure adherence to applicable safety rules and regulations. Remain well informed of potential health hazards involved with various craft materials and ways of minimizing usage risks.
  7. Collaborate with supervisor and staff on space management projects for optimum function and aesthetics.
  8. Perform related duties as required.

Compliance Requirements

Graduate students filling assistantships in Student Affairs and Campus Life have specific expectations placed on them as employees of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Among these is the requirement to fulfill reporting responsibilities as prescribed and required under applicable federal and State laws. These include but may not be limited to requirements under Title IX; Clery Act; FERPA; HIPPA; Massachusetts Conflict of Interest laws. Additionally, this applies to adhering to University policies and agreements (e.g., collective bargaining agreement).

Fulfilling these expectations includes addressing and reporting related violations by students, staff, faculty or others.   Related training will be provided to all SACL graduate assistants. These expectations may be amended in conjunction with changes in Federal and/or State mandated reporting requirements, and/or University policies or agreements.  Graduate students unwilling to meet these requirements are not eligible for appointment to a SACL graduate assistantship.

Minimum Required Qualifications

  1. Enrollment as graduate student in good standing during entire term of appointment.
  2. Eligibility for appointment to this assistantship, as determined by the Graduate School.
  3. Availability to serve the entire assistantship term.
  4. Willingness to perform all mandated compliance reporting and related requirements.
  5. Active enrollment in a related graduate degree program.
  6. Knowledge of multicultural and diversity education.
  7. Knowledge and experience in at least one SU Craft Center craft such as: stain glass, metal smithing, leather, black & white photography, silk screening, textiles, sewing, beading, silk-painting, book making.
  8. Good teaching, business, public relations & time management skills required; working knowledge of computers for word-processing, spreadsheet, database, graphics and Internet use.
  9. Weekend hours and some evenings required.

Preferred Qualifications

B.A. in related field. Background in arts management, education, and budget management preferred.

Residence Education & Residential Learning Communities

Each year the Residential Life department seeks qualified applicants for several graduate assistant opportunities. During the fall semester, we accept applicants for unexpected vacancies which may occur during the current academic year. During the spring semester, we accept applicants for vacancies and potential vacancies for the following academic year. If there are no confirmed vacancies, we will still collect applications in the event any occur.

Please visit the Residence Education Graduate Assistant Positions page for information on how to apply.