Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

UMass Amherst is dedicated to providing as many opportunities for on-campus employment as possible to our graduate students. Students may use the links below to learn more about available positions, and faculty and staff may use this form to have your graduate assistantship posted on this page.

Center for International Education

Center for International Education


Research Assistantship

Application DeadlineJuly 31, 2020     

Program Development
   Assist with the:

  • Coordination of program development efforts
  • Shaping of external/internal funding strategies
  • Identification of potential funding agencies in both government and non-government sectors
  • Management of an internal database to track faculty/student research areas
  • Development of funding proposals


Community Outreach and Communications
   Assist with the:

  • “Marketing” of the Center
  • Development of social media and the communications strategy
  • Reaching out across UMass to faculty and students
  • Development of student engagement and community
  • Participation in the development of interdisciplinary advisory group

Experience Required: Background in teaching/facilitation and/or experience working with diverse students. Experience with academic administrative work, including Moodle, is preferred. 

NOTE: position dependent on funding        

Dates of Appointment: Begin    9/6/2020    End      5/29/2021  

Hours/Wk   15                Stipend $   30.33 

How to  Apply:        Letter of interest and  Resume 

Contact Person:     Barbara Gravin Wilbur

E-Mail contact  

Workplace Learning & Development

Workplace Learning & Development  


Type of Appointment:               Project Assistantship

Application Deadline:              Until position is filled

Request for Graduate Assistant focused on Instructional Design to support the development and implementation of robust on-line and digital learning formats for skill development of UMass Amherst employees, with particular focus on developing courses, workshops, and digital learning tools for Supervisors and Managers.

This position would work in collaboration with WL&D consultants in the creation, development and implementation of on-line and digital learning opportunities for UMass employees.  This would include, research, design, set-up and evaluation of learning modules and supporting the creation of course content. Experience working with subject matter experts in the development of instructional strategies as well as a background in accessibility and usability design is required along with experience in Moodle and Qualtrics systems.

Create effective written materials, evaluation processes and project documentation for all learning modules.  Develop and document procedures for course/workshop/learning tools, user, and data retention, administration of backup and restoration processes.

This is a 10 hour per week position. Please submit resume and cover letter, along with a reference and a work sample for consideration.

Dates of Appointment:        Begin:   09/06/2020                  End:    05/29/2021    

Dept. Name:    Workplace Learning & Development          

Contact Person:   Maria Cruz   

E-Mail contact:

Student Engagement & Leadership, Graduate Assistant for Governance

Student Engagement & Leadership Graduate Assistant for Governance


Application Deadline: July 10, 2020

Student Engagement & Leadership Graduate Assistant for Governance

Student Affairs and Campus Life is committed to providing meaningful assistantship experiences for graduate students, particularly when these experiences enhance SACL priorities and are relevant to the pursuit of a graduate assistant’s professional goals. It is within this context that SACL makes this assistantship available.

Job Description (no clerical duties):

General Summary of Position

The SEL Councils Advisor GA is primary advisor for registered student organizations (RSOs) within 2 of 10 Councils: Academic, Cultural, Greek, Leadership & Service, Graduate Student Organizations (GSO), Recreation, or Religious & Spiritual, and possibly Advocacy & Political, Arts & Media, or Governance Councils. Work collaboratively with SEL staff, student group leaders, and campus offices for their services and collaboration. Oversee all aspects of routine student event planning and advising, including risk, travel, and budget management. Serve as a generalist and team member in all areas of SEL, including the development of campus-wide programs, events, organizations and student skills; may coordinate event planning for outside vendors and serve as liaison to other University departments to provide information on campus wide event planning. The assistantship provides an opportunity to gain knowledge of and practical experience in training, event planning, and program development. Reappointment is dependent on department need, satisfactory performance evaluation, experience, and funding availability.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Support RSO’s in 2 Councils with programming, funding allocation, and trainings from SEL and other campus departments.
  2. Oversee all aspects of routine RSOs event planning: assess events for needs and parameters; approve events; ensure compliance with university policy; assess risk and implement management strategies; conduct contract negotiations; and oversee after-assessment.
  3. Advise/instruct RSOs on budget planning, travel, event management, contracts, risk management, and organizational development; refer them to or consult with business staff or campus colleagues as needed.  Work as part of the SEL team to advise major event planning for organizations.
  4. Serve as event planning consultant to university colleagues and RSOs’ outside Advisors in SACL, academic and administrative departments, Athletics, and Alumni Relations as well as SEL agencies and clusters.
  5. Assist in planning large, annual and weeklong campus events - such as Welcome Week, Spring Concert, The Sammies - with supervisor, SEL team, Alumni Affairs, SACL and other campus departments.
  6. Attend and participate in required trainings including SACL GA orientation the last week of August.


Compliance Requirements

Graduate students filling assistantships in Student Affairs and Campus Life have specific expectations placed on them as employees of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Among these is the requirement to fulfill reporting responsibilities as prescribed and required under applicable federal and State laws. These include but may not be limited to requirements under Title IX; Clery Act; FERPA; HIPPA; Massachusetts Conflict of Interest laws. Additionally, this applies to adhering to University policies and agreements (e.g., collective bargaining agreement).


Fulfilling these expectations includes addressing and reporting related violations by students, staff, faculty or others.   Related training will be provided to all SACL graduate assistants. These expectations may be amended in conjunction with changes in Federal and/or State mandated reporting requirements, and/or University policies or agreements.  Graduate students unwilling to meet these requirements are not eligible for appointment to a SACL graduate assistantship.

Minimum Required Qualifications

1.         Enrollment as graduate student in good standing during entire term of   appointment     

2.         Eligibility for appointment to this assistantship, as determined by the Graduate School.

3          Availability to serve the entire assistantship term.

4.         Willingness to perform all mandated compliance reporting and related requirements.

5.         Experience in leadership development, service learning, and event planning.

6.         Ability to work with diverse student leaders and department staff.

7.         Ability and willingness to work evening and weekend hours as necessary.


Preferred -   Graduate student in a related degree program

APPLICATION - click here

Dates of Appointment: 8/23/2020 – 5/22/2021

Hours per week: 20   Stipend: $23,657.40

Submit resume per application instructions  

Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate

Project Assistantship
Application Deadline: July 30, 2020 or until position filled.

Job Description (No Clerical Duties permitted):
Become familiar with the mission, organization, and functioning of the Faculty Senate and its
Councils and Committees. Maintain the Faculty Senate website, which is linked within the
UMass Amherst website, to communicate the ongoing work of the Faculty Senate and its
Councils and Committees to the campus community. Attend meetings of the Faculty Senate;
prepare draft minutes from the video recordings of those meetings. Attend meetings of selected
Councils or Committees and take notes as assigned. Route proposals submitted to the Faculty
Senate through the Course and Curriculum Management System (CCMS) to Faculty Senate
bodies according to standing rules or specific decisions by the Faculty Senate Rules Committee.
Assist in UNIVRSTY 298A, Faculty Senate practicum. Undertake research on past Faculty
Senate actions, general issues in higher education, or faculty participation in campus governance
as assigned. Other duties as assigned.

Experience required:
Clear and concise writing; basic familiarity with Word and Excel

Additional information:
The Project Assistant will also need to become familiar with Adobe Acrobat DC for creating and
editing pdf  files, Drupal for maintaining the website, and the workflow in the CCMS for routing

Must be able to work Thursday afternoons.

Dates of Appointment: From 09/06/2020 To 05/29/2020
Hours/Wk: 20 Stipend: $30.33/hour

How to Apply:
Submit cover letter and resume to
Contact Person: MJ Peterson


Residence Education & Residential Learning Communities

Each year the Residential Life department seeks qualified applicants for several graduate assistant opportunities. During the fall semester, we accept applicants for unexpected vacancies which may occur during the current academic year. During the spring semester, we accept applicants for vacancies and potential vacancies for the following academic year. If there are no confirmed vacancies, we will still collect applications in the event any occur.

Please visit the Residence Education Graduate Assistant Positions page for information on how to apply.