Graduate School Commencement

The Graduate Student Handbook

Academic rules, procedures, and deadlines
to guide you from your first registration through
the final stages of the degree process

Here you will find all important dates, deadlines and holidays.

Registration procedures, important dates, continuous enrollment, late registration, non-degree registration, billing.

Course numbering system, types of courses, billing, enrollment status, continuous enrollment, statute of limitations, leave of absence, withdrawal/dismissal, absences for religious reasons.

Grading policies, transfer of credit policy, change of major/program, change of personal data, transcripts, and privacy of records.

Checklist of requirements, deadlines, and other information essential to completing your master’s or doctoral degree.

An A-Z listing of all forms and downloadable documentation on the Graduate School site.

In 2006, Faculty Senate approved an updated version of the University’s policy on joint authorship.