The University of Massachusetts Amherst


The Department of Food Science is dedicated to the education of undergraduate, graduate and nontraditional students in the field of Food Science and the study and application of science and technology to further basic knowledge, add value, foster economic development and provide a safe, healthful and high quality food supply.  We have a unique combination of teaching and research laboratories and a large pilot plant. The Department is the major academic center for food science in New England and the only research-oriented department of its kind in Massachusetts.

Research Emphases

Physical and Chemical Properties of Food

This group employs the basic principles and instrumental techniques of the physical and chemical sciences to improve our understanding of complex food systems, thus enabling the production of longer lasting, higher quality, and safer...

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Food Safety

The area of food safety encompasses microbiological and toxicological problems related to the processing, handling, and consumption of food. The Food Safety Group in the Food Science Department has the expertise to address and solve...

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Foods for Health and Wellness

The research focus of our Health and Wellness program focuses on areas such as: a) Identification of bioactive components in foods and food waste streams; b) Utilization of biological models to assess the molecular mechanisms and...

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Food Science Policy Alliance

The Food Science Policy Alliance provides a scholarly venue for the objective evaluation of science-based food policies and regulatory issues for students, consumers, government and industry. It is built on a scholarly foundation...

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