Financial aid is a concern for many of our students.

Our Master of Architecture programs qualify for the tuition break offered by the New England Regional Students Program (NERSP) to New England residents. Our undergraduate program qualifies for NERSP as well, with the exception of students from Maine and New Hampshire, which have their own equivalent programs.

Graduate Student Funding Opportunities

Many of our students receive financial support in the form of scholarships, teaching assistant positions, campus positions with tuition waivers, or externships. To be eligible for a position, you must first apply to the program. All support for graduate students is determined by a resume and portfolio review in March after applications are received and students are admitted. There is no separate review from our graduate application process and individual faculty members do not provide support for students in advance of their applications.

In addition to selective positions such as teaching assistant or research assistant, graduate students can seek out and establish externships on and off campus that qualify for tuition remission. In addition, particular positions on campus, such as election to the Graduate Student Council, also qualify. Please visit the funding section of the Graduate School website for more information about current positions carrying tuition waivers.

The Department of Architecture can also nominate qualified current and incoming graduate students for highly-competitive, university-wide graduate school fellowships, such as the Joseph L. Boscov Scholarship for a female graduate student whose work will “equip her for increased service to the needs of people and/or the environment.” Foreign students should consult with the International Programs Office for additional opportunities, such as nomination for the Foreign Students Tuition Waiver, which is available on a competitive basis.

Undergraduate Student Financial Aid

UMass Amherst is committed to offering need-based financial aid and merit funding to every eligible undergraduate student. UMass gives scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study opportunities to nearly 85 percent of our first-year students. With one of the most comprehensive financial aid programs of any public university, we can help you and your family finance your education and fulfill your dreams. Please visit the UMass Financial Aid website for more information.