• UMass Faculty and Students Receive BSLA Awards

    The Boston Society of Landscape Architects announced their 2021 awards winners which included 2 faculty and 3 students from the LARP landscape architecture program!
  • LARP Honors Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

    The LARP Diversity Committee is sharing works in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. (Pictured: Cherry blossom trees gifted to the U.S. by Japan)
  • Congratulations Matheus Gomes!

    A UMass Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning student won prestigious scholarship award from the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF)! Matheus Gomes, a BSLA undergraduate, received a 2021 LAF ASLA Council of Fellows Scholarship!
  • Congratulations Nicholas Caccamo!

    The Williamsburg Select Board has voted to offer the town administrator’s job to Nicholas Caccamo, a Pittsfield city councilor who is completing a degree in public policy and regional planning.
  • Camille Barchers named one of the 2021-2022 ISSR Scholars

    Camille has been working together with Thaddeus Miller on a project called Building Capacities for the Governance of Smart City Technologies. ISSR Scholars participate in a year-long biweekly seminar that helps each of them develop a strong research grant proposal.
  • Elisabeth Hamin Infield panelist at 17th Annual IPPA Summit

    17th Annual IPPA Summit - "Where Do We Go From Here? The Future of International Development" Presented by NYU Wagner's International Policy and Planning Association, IPPA organizes an annual summit where students, faculty, and experts from the field meet to discuss current issues in international policy and management. This two day conference takes place online on April 8th - April 9th. Register for the conference now!
  • Remembering Emeritus Professor Merle Willmann

    LARP lost a great former colleague in early 2021. Merle Willmann served in UMass and LARP from 1963-1997.
  • Research on Regional Housing Needs Allocations in Southern California

    Professor Ramsey-Musolf published an analysis of the allocation of housing growth to 185 cities in the Southern California region. This study determined that the regional planning agency directed housing growth to the city of Los Angeles and the region’s outlying cities as opposed to increasing density in the central and coastal cities. In addition, the study determined that the allocated housing growth was statistical associated with increased housing inventory, housing affordability, and housing growth rate.
  • Carolina Aragón Unveils Public Art Installation Depicting Future Flood Levels in Boston

    Visitors strolling the Boston Harborwalk along Fort Point Channel will now be able to visualize the scientific predictions for future flood levels and their proposed solutions, thanks to a new public art installation created by University of Massachusetts Amherst artist and landscape architect Carolina Aragón.
  • Georectification of Historic Maps Show Effects of Land Use Over Time

    Photographs from a project to map the land cover of Massachusetts using aerial photography in the 1950s. Recognizing the research value of the photographs, SCUA began digitizing them three years ago. Forrest Bowlick of the geosciences department was involved in the process from the beginning now collaborating with Camille Barchers, a professor of landscape architecture and regional planning.
  • LARP 2019 Planning Studio awarded "Student Project Award"

    The LARP Fall 2019 Regional Planning Studio’s project “Economic Development in Boxborough, MA” was awarded the “Student Project Award” by the Massachusetts chapter of the American Planning Association.

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Why LA&RP?

Our combined department (Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning) provides professionally accredited degrees (MRP, MLA, BSLA), one of the most innovative sustainability-focused undergraduate degrees in the country (Sustainable Community Development), a skills-based 2-year Associate of Landscape Contracting, and a PhD in Regional Planning. We research, design, teach, and do community outreach to create Sustainable Solutions to Complex Problems.

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  • UMass students stress resilience in combating climate change

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