Research in Regenerative Urbanism addresses climate change, resilience, sustainable and low impact policy and design practices in small towns, cities, and global metropolitan regions.

Regional scale landscape planning promotes the thoughtful achievement of human and natural needs while linking edge, node and corridor across multiple scales.

Our faculty investigate policy, planning, and design issues in the identification, interpretation, and conservation of the living heritage of cultural landscapes.

Our faculty are leaders in investigating entrepreneurship, development and redevelopment, technological change, and the reuse of industrial space to meet new social and economic needs.  

Design Exploration integrates design and scholarship through award winning exhibitions, design/build projects, built landscapes, and plans.

Community Engagement research explores distribution of costs, benefits, power and privilege among multiple and diverse publics in policy, planning and design.

IDB Presentation: August 8, 2014
IDB Presentation: May 2, 2014
IDB Presentation: April 18, 2014

Here are some links to what the design team has been working on that give a more concrete idea what the IDB will look like when it is completed.

Schematic Design Presentation

Final Presentation, Concept and Design Elements