Nominate a Rising Researcher

The Rising Researcher student acknowledgement program is designed to raise the profile of our most promising undergraduate students and to publicly acknowledge their excellent work. Faculty members are encouraged to nominate eligible students who are under their supervision. More >


Fatimah Baeshen ’02 Lends Her Voice

Fatimah Baeshen ’02 Sociology was recently appointed as the first female spokesperson for the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the United States. Here, Baeshen discusses how her time at UMass shaped her professional journey and the opportunities and challenges she faces in her new role. More >


Social Science Matters

We are home to a broad range of approaches to social science, from purely theoretical and interpretive, to qualitative and quantitative research methods.  Our priority is to ensure that this exciting social science research connects with the public while showing the relevance of the social sciences to everyday lives and policy.



Journalism students take mass incarceration course in Hampshire County Jail

The course, a pilot program in the UMass Journalism Department, aimed to provide UMass students and Hampshire County jail students with an experience in journalism that they had never had before, through significant reading as well as active reporting.   More >


Social Science Matters: Fatal Invention - Re-creating Race in the Genomic Era

February 22, 2018 - 4:30pm, Cape Cod Lounge  | In this talk, Dorothy Roberts will discuss how genetic understanding of race masks the continuing impact of racism in a supposedly post-racial society. She will argue that this calls instead for affirming our common humanity by working to end the social inequalities that truly divide us. More >

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