Anna Branch Named Associate Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion

“We can create a campus community where all can thrive if we live out our campus values to form and strengthen socially just learning and working environments that foster a culture of excellence through diverse people, ideas and perspectives. This is important work that we can achieve if we work together.” More >


Fulbright in France

After graduating with a dual degree in journalism and environmental/natural resource economics, Mbakop spent a year as an urban business initiatives analyst and then started a master’s program in sustainable development through the Fulbright program in fall 2016. More >


Social Science Matters

We are home to a broad range of approaches to social science, from purely theoretical and interpretive, to qualitative and quantitative research methods.  Our priority is to ensure that this exciting social science research connects with the public while showing the relevance of the social sciences to everyday lives and policy.



Brittany Justin '18 (Sociology) lays the foundation for graduate school with summer internship

“When I started looking for internships I spent a lot of time trying to find somewhere I could really make a difference but that could also give me some relevant experience working in a clinical setting,” says Justin. More >


Film Screen & Commentary by Tim Wise of the film The Great White Hoax

September 25, 5:00pm |  Tim Wise, one of the most prominent anti-racist writers and educators in the United States, will comment on his film The Great White Hoax. This film explores how American political leaders of both parties have been tapping into white anxiety, stoking white grievance, and scapegoating people of color for decades to divide and conquer working class voters and shore up political support.  More >

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