Alasdair Roberts Named Director of the UMass School of Public Policy

Stan Rosenberg, President of the MA Senate, lauded the appointment, stating "In this political environment, we need all hands on deck to help people understand more and more about how our government works and how good public policy is developed. The appointment of Dr. Roberts brings new vision and energy to this critical work."  More >


Melissa James ’10 Wins UMass Amherst Distinguished Alumni Award

Melissa James ’10 is president and CEO of The Tech Connection, a Boston-based recruitment firm that supports the professional development of diverse, underrepresented technical talent through individualized career planning and job placement.  More >


Social Science Matters

We are home to a broad range of approaches to social science, from purely theoretical and interpretive, to qualitative and quantitative research methods.  Our priority is to ensure that this exciting social science research connects with the public while showing the relevance of the social sciences to everyday lives and policy.



Scholarship Application Deadline March 31

SBS offers scholarships to dozens of students every year. Don't miss out on a chance to supplement your study abroad, internship, or research experience. We also offer awards for outstanding academic achievements, need-based situations, and work-related endeavors. More >


Social Science Matters: White Supremacy in the Age of Terror

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - 4:30pm | Bernie Dallas Room, Goodell Hall. Junaid Rana will discuss the concepts of racial becoming and racial infrastructure as part of an ethnographic description of everyday life in a working class Pakistani neighborhood in New York. More >

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W.E.B. DuBois Library Room 1920 (19th floor)
12.00pm to 5.00pm

Social Science Matters: White Supremacy in the Age of Terror

Bernie Dallas Room, Goodell Hall
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