CITI Training for Human Subjects Research

The Human Subjects CITI Online training is divided into two disciplinary categories:

  • Group 1: Biomedical research Investigators and Key Personnel - Basic Course. This course is required for medical, physiological or pharmacological studies that includes, but is not limited to, research with drugs, devices or other interventions.(Researchers collaborating with Baystate should complete all modules to be certified for Baystate Collaborative Studies.);  or
  • Group 2: Social Behavioral and Education Research Investigators and Key Personnel - Basic Course.  This course is required for studies on sociological, psychological, anthropological or educational phenomena including observational and survey research and work with population and/or epidemiological studies..

Please select the group that best corresponds to the nature of your research. Completion of CITI training is required for all IRB protocols submitted through Kuali. You must receive a score of 80% or better overall in order to pass this course. If you receive less than 80% you  will need to retake one or more quizzes to improve your score to 80% overall.

PLEASE NOTE: The Social and Behavioral Responsible Conduct of Research and the Biomedical Responsible Conduct of Research courses do NOT satisfy the human subjects training requirement.

Refresher Training

All human subjects researchers at UMass are required to complete a CITI Training refresher every 5 years.  If CITI training is expired (over 5 years) IRB submissions such as new studies, revisions, renewals will not be processed until the CITI refresher has been completed.