Research Administration Reports

Below, you will find a range of reports detailing the depth and diversity of campus-sponsored research activity by month and year.


Annual Sponsored Activity

View a folder of Annual Sponsored Activity Reports (must log in with NetID & password)

Note: Once in the folder, sort the Report Name Z-A to see the latest reports.


Monthly Sponsored Activity

Below are folders with monthly sponsored activity reports in them by the following topics (must log in with NetID & password):

Note: Once in the folder, sort the Report Name Z-A to see the latest reports.


Public Records Request

For public records requests, including quarterly reports of Federal, State, or Municipal Awards received by the University of Massachusetts Amherst, please see the university Public Records page.

Research Reporting in Tableau

Research reporting in Tableau can be accessed using these instructions below. 

  1. Connect to the GlobalProtect VPN
  2. Scroll down and click on links below to reveal the list of available Tableau dashboards
  3. Click on the Tableau dashboard link of your choice below for information and to open the dashboard
  4. Login with your UMass email address and password
Workaround for Tableau Download Bug - Grayed out "Data" button

To resolve the grayed out "Data" button, please try this: Click somewhere in the report before clicking the "Download" button.

If the problem with a grayed out "Data" button persists, please try this: Click on the browser refresh button (not the Tableau refresh button). The page will refresh with filter selections remaining and the "Data" button will no longer be grayed out.