Kelly Brigham is a first year graduate student in the College of Natural Sciences. She’s in the geosciences department, researching the composition of volcanic rocks to uncover the secrets behind continent growth.  

Brigham received her undergraduate degree at California State Polytechnic University Pomona in California. After taking five years off from her studies, she wanted to get away from the west coast and travel to New England for graduate school. The geoscience research at UMass Amherst interested her the most of any other school, and Brigham is grateful to study at her first-choice university. 

Brigham says watching the campus slowly open up after the pandemic enriched her experience here. Now that clubs meet in person, Brigham joined WMUA, the campus radio station, and the graduate student geology club. But social events with the geology department also keep her busy. Brigham organized a Christmas party to celebrate her first cold holidays. She invited the whole geology department to the small student lounge, where everyone helped decorate with cheap dollar-store goods. She says it was a little goofy, but it’s still her favorite memory at UMass. 

Brigham looks forward to exploring campus a bit more, as she is still getting acquainted, and getting more involved with her major community and student organizations.