The BS in earth systems at UMass Amherst deepens your understanding of the Earth’s large-scale systems: the geosphere, biosphere, atmosphere, ocean, and snow and ice realms. 

You’ll gain a holistic perspective on the Earth through scientific exploration of its systems on a global scale through courses in oceanography, environmental change, and human geography in addition to courses in supporting sciences like biology and physics. 

You will also tailor your program to your interests and career goals through electives in areas like remote sensing, sedimentary geochemistry, and political ecology. You can even explore courses in related disciplines, such as computer science, plant and soil sciences, and natural resources conservation, among others. 

The BS in earth systems will prepare you for careers at government agencies and businesses concerned with environmental issues. You’ll also be ready to move on to graduate study in specializations related to Earth science, geography, environmental management, and sustainability.