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Earth’s sedimentary basins record the story of its climatic and biotic evolution. Today, understanding this history is critical as we realize and begin to deal with the effects of our participation with the carbon cycle. Knowing how the coupled climate-biosphere will respond to the human release of greenhouse gases requires knowing something about how it has responded to similar events, if they exist, in the past. Recent advances in stable isotope and organic geochemistry now allow us to investigate multiple facets of Earth’s history recorded within single samples. Building on these advances, my research focuses on the application of elemental, isotopic, and organic geochemical techniques to ancient and modern ocean, coastal, and lacustrine sediments and waters in order to reconstruct past environments and ecosystems within a framework of modern processes. When I’m not in the lab, I enjoy spending time with my family, camping, backpacking, cycling, mountain biking, grilling, beer ‘tasting’, or otherwise being outside. When I’m not outside, I’m generally rooting for Boston sports teams from my couch!!