Program of study

For students pursuing a bachelor's degree, the linguistics department offers several options for majoring and minoring in linguistics, as well as innovative general education courses. A Linguistics major can focus purely on linguistics, or combine linguistics with another field or language. There are several interdisciplinary majors in which the study of linguistics forms a significant part of the curriculum. It is also possible to major in linguistics alone or to minor in linguistics. If you would like to declare a major or minor in linguistics, please see instructions at the top of the major requirements page. If you have questions about a linguistics major, please contact our current Undergraduate Program Director. If you have questions about minoring in linguistics, please contact our current Minors Advisor, Magda Oiry.

Learning objectives

Our undergraduate program has 6 broad learning objectives. These objectives aim to develop knowledge and skills that are applicable not only in linguistics, but in a wide range of intellectual contexts and professions.

Learning Objective 1:  Ability to reason analytically about language

Learning Objective 2: Basic quantitative and computational competence in language research

Learning Objective 3: An understanding of linguistic theories and their relationship to language diversity

Learning Objective 4: An understanding of linguistic discrimination

Learning Objective 5: Ability to communicate about language

Learning Objective 6: Ability to work as an effective member of a team


Undergraduate Certificates

The linguistics department offers two undergraduate certificates (see the certificates page for more details): 

  • Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • Certificate in American English Linguistics