Course Offering Plan (when/how often courses typically offered)

Fall 2024 courses (departmental listing)

Departmental listings of courses from past semesters can be found at the bottom of this page.

Offering Plan Exceptions and Highlights: AY 2024-2025

Subject to change!

Fall 2024

  • Brand new course! LINGUIST 190DS Data Science for Linguistics (On-line, Prickett):  No programming prerequisite, but has math prerequisite: completion of R1 GenEd requirement or one of Math 101 & 102, Math 104, 127, 128, 131, or 132. Will satisfy programming prerequisite for LINGUIST 409 Introduction to Computational Linguistics offered every Fall. 
  • Both LINGUIST 402 Speech Sounds and Structure and LINGUIST 414 Intro Phonetics for Linguists will require LINGUIST 390A (Fundamentals of Speech Sounds) as a prerequisite.
  • LINGUIST 330 The Structure of English and Language Teaching will be offered this Fall (typically only offered in Spring). Online, TESOL certificate course.
  • LINGUIST 390B French Linguistics (Oiry). Cross-linguistic requirement course for linguistics majors being offered for the second time ever.
  • LINGUIST 413 Language Variation and Social Context (Green). Cross-linguistic requirement course for Linguistics majors. Last offered Fall 2022.
  • LINGUIST 609 Experimental Methods (Momma). Last offered Fall 2021.
  • LINGUIST 720 Semantics Proseminar will be co-taught by Arregui and Dillon and have a psycholinguistics component, and there will be no LINGUIST 712 Proseminar- Psycholinguistics offered in AY 24-25

Spring 2025

  • LINGUIST 497P Introduction to Pragmatics (Biezma). Last offered Spring 2022.
  • LINGUIST 502 Introduction to Tone and Intonation (Yu). Formerly 592T; cross-linguistic requirement course for Linguistics majors.
  • LINGUIST 591B Second Language Acquisition (Oiry) Last offered Spring 2022.
  • LINGUIST 692P Pragmatics (Homer) Last offered Fall 2021 (797P). 
  • LINGUIST 751 Topics in Phonology will be co-taught by Akkuş and Yu on prosody in Arabic varieties.
  • LINGUIST 850 Syntax seminar (Johnson) will be offered in lieu of LINGUIST 752 Topics in Synatx.

Last updated March 26, 2024