Many talented people have started their journey at UMass Amherst. Your gift will go to support a continuation of our tradition of excellence.

Support collaboration

Linguistics Opportunity Fund

Since its founding, the linguistics department at UMass Amherst has been fertile ground for collaboration between faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates. The conferences, colloquia, and workshops that it hosts extend that collaboration to many people outside the department. Your donation to the Linguistics Opportunity Fund goes to support collaboration and innovation.

Support students

Graduate Research Fund

Every year linguistics students travel to document endangered languages, engage in laboratory experiments, and present research at conferences around the globe. Your gift will go to support travel, equipment, and research costs for graduate students.

Support understudied languages

E. O. Selkirk Linguistics Outreach Fund

The Selkirk Linguistics Outreach Fund provides small grants to undergraduates, graduates, and faculty to support research on understudied and endangered languages carried out under the mentorship of linguistics faculty at UMass Amherst.

Support the future

Linguistics Department Endowment

The Linguistics Department was founded in 1971 with the intention of creating an outstanding, accessible, and progressive academic program. Nearly 50 years later, it is one of the most highly regarded linguistics departments in the world and maintains its founders' ethos. A gift to the endowment is an investment in the future and the founders’ legacy.

You may write a check payable to the UMass Amherst Foundation, and mail it to 134 Hicks Way, Memorial Hall, Amherst, MA 01003 – 9270, or click a button above to make a donation online into the account of your choice.If you have questions about giving to the department, please contact the department chair, office manager, or the College of Humanities and Fine Arts Development staff.