Apply to be a Visiting Research Scholar

We are pleased to welcome visiting scholars to spend time in our department, subject to the limitations of our resources. A letter of application is required. In the letter, you should describe your interests and plans, particularly the faculty member(s) you would like to be working with or whose classes you would like to attend. With your letter, please also include a curriculum vitae and a sample paper or publication. Please also ask two scholars who know you well to send letters of recommendation. Be sure to mention any previous contact with one of our faculty in your application letter.

If we are able to accept your application and invite you to spend time here, you should know that our resources are limited. We will provide you with a shared office space. The university will provide you with a computer account which you can use for email. If you need reliable access to a computer for writing or research, you probably would have to make plans to bring one or buy it here. You would, of course, be welcome to attend any classes, seminars, or colloquia during your stay. You will also have full use of the university library, and it is usually possible to obtain a small study space in the library.

Visiting scholar applications should be sent by post to the following address:

Joe Pater, Chair
Department of Linguistics
University of Massachusetts
650 North Pleasant Street
N412 Integrative Learning Center
Amherst, MA 01003 USA

Questions about becoming a visiting scholar can be directed to the assistant to the chair, Narda Wakoluk.