The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Carlea Dolcine cares about the people around her. The recipient of the Allen Davis and Nancy Mainer Social Justice Activism Scholarship, Dolcine has volunteered her time and labor with after school programs for middle school students of color at Amherst Regional Middle School, the community meal program Not Bread Alone, and the Amherst Survival Center. 

“At UMass, my most meaningful experiences have been in moments where I felt I could engage with the community around me,” Dolcine said. “I felt inspired to apply for this scholarship because of that. My experience here has challenged me to engage with the community around me in several different capacities, all of which have shaped the person I am and will become.” 

After graduating in May with degrees in Psychology and Afro-American studies, she plans on taking some time off to work in a behavioral health network providing mental health services to adults and children in Northampton, MA. Then, she intends to apply to graduate schools that also center community engagement so that she can pursue her dream of becoming a licensed mental health counselor. 

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