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  • If you're a current continuing UMass student - to declare the Economics major or minor, submit our Statement of Interest form. This process is not for newly admitted students for fall 2024.

Information for newly admitted students for Fall 2024

  • If you're a newly admitted Economics major, Economics Undergraduate Advising will be reaching out to you later this summer at your UMass email address to invite you to book your Academic Advising appointment for NSOT. Please watch your UMass email closely. 
  • If you have questions before we contact you, please contact an advisor listed below. 

Information for Current UMass Students

  • Current continuing students who are declared Economics majors may schedule appointments with Economics advisors in Navigate
  • Current continuing students who are declared Economics minors may ask questions on their minor by emailing an advisor listed below. 
  • Students planning to declare a major or minor in Economics may use our Statement of Interest form. Students must follow the instructions on the Economics Admissions web page.
  • Course Override Requests Read this form carefully and provide the requested information. An advisor will contact you when you have been added to the class or if more information is needed. If an instructor's permission is required, an advisor will contact you after we have received the request from the instructor. 
  • Drop-in advising available only with peer advisors. PEER OFFICE IS NOW CLOSED FOR SUMMER 2024. 
  • For study abroad or transfer course approvals, help with Economics Independent StudiesInternships or general study abroad questions, questions about the Certificate in Applied Economics Research on Cooperative Enterprise, or questions about graduate school in Economics, please schedule an appointment with Stephanie Babinski Brewer or Valerie Voorheis.
  • For Econ Majors who are Honors students, and have detailed questions on Honors requirements, please email Econ Honors Coordinator Itai Sher at @email to make an appointment.
  • For all other Economics Major Advising (e.g. graduation requirements, course planning, adding a second major, etc.): Please schedule an appointment with Stephanie Babinski Brewer, Leah Dodson, Meghan Shewchuk, or Valerie Voorheis using the Make an Advising Appointment link above. You can also make an appointment with a specific advisor using their personal links below. For minors, please visit the Peer Advisors' drop-in hours. If you have a complex question, email your Econ advisor directly (see last names listed below or your SPIRE).
  • For further information on Economics Department contacts, email @email

Advising Team

Stephanie Babinski Brewer
Director of Undergraduate Advising
220 Crotty Hall
413-545-0855 (email pref'd)
Last names: S-Z
Schedule an advising appointment with Stephanie online
Leah Dodson
Senior Academic Advisor
219 Crotty Hall
413-545-2568 (email pref'd)
Last names: A-H
Schedule an advising appointment with Leah online
Meghan Shewchuk
Senior Academic Advisor
218 Crotty Hall
413-545-2560 (email pref'd)
Last names: I-R
Schedule an advising appointment with Meghan online
Valerie Voorheis
Faculty/Internship Advisor
214 Crotty Hall
413-545-0954 (email pref'd)
Schedule an advising appointment with Valerie online