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All students taking a minor in Japanese are expected to complete a total of 24 credits of course work. If a student begins the minor by taking language courses at a level above the elementary, neither credit nor exemption will be given for the lower level language course(s). Those students should take advanced language courses in order to accumulate sufficient credits for the minor. Contact the undergraduate major advisor in Japanese for details. Courses for the minor may not be taken pass/fail. Students must have a minimum GPA in the minor of 2.0 in order to satisfy the requirements for the minor. No more than 6 credits taken within or without the Five College consortium will be accepted for the minor in Japanese. This shall not apply to credits transferred from study abroad.

For more information, please contact Professor Steve Forrest or Professor Reiko Sono.

Required (12 credits):

Japanese 126*: Intensive Elementary Japanese I (Fall) 6 credits

Japanese 246: Intensive Elementary Japanese II (Spring) 6 credits

*Japanese 126 can be replaced by a combination of Japanese 110 “Non Intensive Elementary Japanese I” and Japanese 120 “Non Intensive Elementary Japanese II.”

Select 12 credits from among the following (or other courses approved by advisor):

Japanese 135: Japanese Arts and Culture 4 credits

Japanese 143: Literature: Classical and Medieval 4 credits

Japanese 144: Literature: Modern 4 credits

Japanese 197L: Manga and Anime 3 credits

Japanese 197N: Asian Homosexualities 3 credits

Japanese 197C: Japanese Religions 3 credits

Japanese 197K: Postwar Fiction 3 credits

Japanese 197T: Japanese Literature before 1600 3 credits

Japanese 235: Japanese Performing Arts 3 credits

Japanese 297B: Japanese Popular Culture 3 credits

Japanese 326: Intensive Intermediate Japanese I (Fall) 6 credits

Japanese 327: Intensive Intermediate Japanese II (Spring) 6 credits

Japanese 375: Introduction to Japanese Linguistics 3 credits

Japanese 391S: Japanese Women Writers 3 credits

Japanese 397M: Japanese Buddhism & the Literary Arts 3 credits

Japanese 497A: Readings in Modern Japanese I (Fall) 3 credits

Japanese 497B: Contemporary Japanese I (Fall) 3 credits

Japanese 497C: Readings in Modern Japanese II (Spring) 3 credits

Japanese 497D: Contemporary Japanese II (Spring) 3 credits

Japanese 532: Media Japanese I (Fall) 3 credits

Japanese 533: Media Japanese II (Spring) 3 credits

Japanese 536: Advanced Modern Japanese I 3 credits

Japanese 537: Advanced Modern Japanese II 3 credits

Japanese 556: Introduction to Classical Japanese 3 credits

Japanese 557: Classical Japanese II 3 credits

Japanese 570H: Research in Japanese Source Materials 3 credits

Japanese 580: Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language 3 credits        

Japanese 597C: Problems and Methods in Translation 3 credits

History 116: Survey of Japanese Civilization 3 credits