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Our department carries a global reputation for research excellence in both biological chemistry and materials chemistry. This research is driven by our graduate students, who work alongside faculty, postdocs, and research staff to tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing society. Our graduate program places students at the cutting edge of our myriad research programs, and provides extensive training across all traditional divisions in chemistry such as analytical, biological, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry.

Materials Chemistry

As a department, we bring expertise in synthesis, fabrication, characterization and theory of novel materials, especially in nanomaterials, for applications in sensors, devices, catalysis and as biofunctional materials. Our department is well known for having developed an impressive array of synthetic approaches for bottom-up assembly of organic, inorganic, and hybrid nano-materials. We are also well known for innovative ways to characterize nano-materials using both spectroscopy and theory.

Biological Chemistry

Our department is well known for applying biophysical/bioanalytical approaches to uncover fundamental mechanisms of protein structure, folding, and function. We apply an arsenal of tools, including spectroscopies, crystallography, microscopy, and protein engineering, to systems that range from fundamental models to proteins involved in disease states. We are also well known for developing molecules and nano-assemblies to mimic or control biomolecules and systems.