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Pursue a Minor in Studio Art

If you are interested in becoming an Art Minor, please submit the Art Minor Intent form to the Art Department at the email address This form helps us track your progress, plan course offerings, and keep you updated on important department events, like advising fairs. You should submit your form as early as possible. It is also recommended to meet with one of our department academic advisors to discuss your plan of study. Please keep in mind that you may not be able to self-enroll into art courses and will need to contact the art advisor in a timely fashion. 

To fulfill the Art Minor, complete the requirements listed on the Art Minor Requirements Checksheet. Please note: to qualify, you must earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 in all courses for the minor.

The requirements are:

Foundations Program (7 or 8 credits)

  • ART110 OR ART104
  • ART131 OR ART105 OR ART142 OR ART153

Studio Requirements (9 credits)

  1. Three upper level studio art courses (200 level or above)
  2. You must complete foundations program before enrolling in any upper level studio art courses.

Art History Requirements (4 or 8 credits)

  1. ART-HIST100 + ART-HIST110 OR
  2. ART-HIST115

Please note: No more than 6 credits may be transferred into the program. Currently, we do not offer any summer or winter art courses but you can take courses at the other four colleges and transfer in the credits. Please make sure you fill out and submit the Prior Approval Form. And for the Senior Year in Absentia, please use this form.

Upon completion of the required courses, or before the end of your final semester, submit the following materials to the Art Department at the email address

  1. An Art Minor Requirements Checksheet, completed.
  2. The Declaration of Minor form, TOP SECTION (section “A”) ONLY completed (leave section “B” blank)
  3. A copy of your unofficial transcript from SPIRE, with required Art and Art History courses highlighted.