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Sanjiv Gupta, sociology, recently discussed affirmative action on two new episodes of his podcast Sociology for Dark Times. The podcast features interviews with sociologists, with questions focused on how their work has changed in response to current events and how we can act individually or collectively to change our world. 

In the May 29th episode "Sociological Imagination!" Gupta spoke with Anna Branch, senior vice president of equity at Rutgers University. The discussion focused on Branch's new book "Work in Black and White: Striving for the American Dream," as well as the potential looming rollback of affirmative action by the Supreme Court. 

In the June 25th episode "Community Engagement!" Gupta welcomed Professor Nadia Kim, Texas A&M University. The episode was recorded with the knowledge that the Supreme Court ruling would come within the week and that it was likely the court would rule agains affirmative action. Gupta and Kim discussed the overall increase in consciousness about the need for racial justice and how this trend could affect research in sociology. 

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