Five-Day Proposal Submission Procedure Overview

Proposal Receipt Time

OPAS receipt of the proposal does not occur until after all required signatories approve the proposal electronically.  The proposal is due at OPAS by 9AM five full business days prior to the deadline. Please take into consideration deadlines that occur earlier than 5PM EST, proposals that require delivery of hard copies, and University holidays and scheduled office closures, which will be announced in advance. 

Please Note: If the proposal deadline is indicated by the sponsor as Receipt and it is not electronic (sponsor portal or email), the day that the proposal is due cannot be counted in the 5 day minimum because it must in fact be mailed the day before. In these cases, please count back 6 business days from the deadline. E.g. proposal deadline is Tuesday Receipt. The 5 day deadline to OPAS would be 9AM the previous Tuesday assuming no holidays or other closures (T, W, Th, F, M).

Similarly, for any deadline that is substantially before 5 PM, count back from the day before (i.e. six business days in advance).

Proposal Criteria

The criteria of a complete proposal that can be logged in (9 a.m. five days prior to deadline):

  • All required proposal information, including the Kuali questionnaire (fully and accurately completed) listing the sponsors deadline, how the proposal is to be submitted, where the proposal is to be submitted, accurately identifies the sponsor and also list the prime sponsor if a subcontract situation, all cost share commitments,  answers compliance section, includes dept. id’s and RTF distribution, etc., and contains all non-OPAS requisite signatures.
  • A copy of the RFP or link to the RFP for the project you are applying
  • Proposal is uploaded into the sponsors official on-line system with full submit access granted (If this system represents a single input submission system [one log in only] list the website address, login name and password.)
  • Proposal Abstract (clearly marked draft is acceptable)
  • Technical section of the proposal (a reasonably complete and clearly marked draft of this section is acceptable)
  • CV’s, bio-sketches
  • Budget and Budget justification
  • Current & pending support documents
  • Other forms or documents as required by the sponsor
  • Subcontractor documents
    • Scope of work
    • Budget
    • Budget justification
    • CVs, bio-sketches
    • Current and pending support forms
    • Facilities statement if required
    • Certifications
    • Letter of endorsement from the Sponsored Programs Office
    • F&A agreement
    • Other forms or documents as required by the sponsor
  • References cited (a reasonably complete and clearly marked draft is acceptable)
  • Facilities statement
  • Letters of collaboration and support


Final Technical Sections

The final versions of the abstract, technical, and references cited must be received by OPAS two full business days (by 9AM) prior to the deadline. Please note: additional time is required for deadlines substantially earlier than 5PM.

No further changes to the final version can be made once submitted to OPAS.