Re-Enrollment Information

Application Deadlines

Re-Enrollment Semester

Priority Deadline

Final Deadline


March 15

June 30


October 15

November 30

The University Registrar’s Office begins reviewing applications approximately one month before the priority deadline. Applications will be processed in the order received.

Students who submit their application by the priority deadline are entitled to an earlier enrollment appointment (course registration start dates are available on the Academic Calendar). However, if a student requires clearance to return to UMass, that could delay the processing of the application, regardless of when it was submitted. Any student who submits their application after the priority deadline may have limited course availability due to course seat limitations.

Applications submitted after the final deadline will still be considered, but may require additional clearance by an academic dean.

Note that other student services may have their own application deadlines. Submitting your re-enrollment application on time is no guarantee that these services, particularly Financial Aid and Housing, will be available when re-enrollment is approved. Please contact the appropriate office as soon as possible if you have any questions pertaining to their deadlines.


Returning Undergraduate Student Re-Enrollment Process


Step 1: Review eligibility requirements to determine if you can return to UMass through the Undergraduate Student Re-Enrollment Process.

Step 2: If eligible, sign into your SPIRE account and navigate to Academics > Forms & Academic Requests > Application for Re-Enrollment. If you need assistance with your NetID and/or password, please contact IT User Services at UMass Amherst.

Step 3: Complete the required fields on the Re-Enrollment Application and submit*

  • Your application will indicate whether you require additional clearance from another office on campus. This could delay the processing of your application. If your application indicates that you require specific clearance from another office to return, please review the list of approvers below and reach out to the appropriate contact for more information.
  • Once your application has been processed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation from our office.

*A non-refundable $85.00 application fee will be charged to your SPIRE account.

  • U.S. citizens who were on an approved Military/Active Duty Withdrawal are eligible for their application fee to be waived if documentation of the original military orders are included with the Re-Enrollment Application. Documentation can be uploaded directly to the application or e-mailed to


Re-Enrollment Eligibility

Who should fill out the Re-Enrollment Application?

All students who were previously enrolled at UMass Amherst in an undergraduate degree program and want to return to degree-seeking status, including:

  • Students who left in good academic standing returning from a personal or medical withdrawal.
  • Students returning after academic suspension, academic dismissal or disciplinary suspension.

Who should NOT fill out the Re-Enrollment Application?

Students returning to an AS degree program through the Stockbridge School of Agriculture must use the Stockbridge Re-Enrollment Application.

Students returning to a University Without Walls degree program must complete the UWW Undergraduate Reactivation Form.

Students that have already earned an undergraduate degree from UMass Amherst and want to return for another undergraduate degree need to submit a Second Bachelor’s Degree Application.

Students that have never matriculated into an undergraduate degree program at UMass Amherst need to apply through the Undergraduate Admissions Office. This includes former Special Students, former UWW students, exchange students from another college or university, and any previously admitted student that never attended UMass Amherst.


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Who Needs a Clearance Approval?


Students returning from medical withdrawal

If you withdrew from UMass Amherst through University Health Services, you need clearance from the UHS Medical Director to re-enroll.  Upon submitting your re-enrollment application, please contact the Office of the Medical Director via email or phone (413.577.5211) for more information. 

Students returning from disciplinary suspension

If you are returning from a disciplinary suspension (or if you answer “Yes” to either of the questions under the Disciplinary and Criminal History Statement section on the Re-Enrollment Application), you need clearance from the Student Conduct and Community Standards Office to re-enroll.  Upon submitting your re-enrollment application, please contact their office for more information.


The following withdrawal scenarios require Academic Dean approval to re-enroll at UMass Amherst:

  • You were academically suspended.
  • You were academically dismissed (you need clearance from the Committee on Admissions and Records (CAR), with prior endorsement by your Academic Dean).
  • You withdrew from UMass Amherst after the the last day to withdraw from courses during the most recent semester and have not remained out of school for a full semester.
  • You require an 11th or 12th semester to complete your degree requirements.
  • You submitted a re-enrollment application for either the Fall or Spring semester after the posted deadline

Upon submitting your re-enrollment application, please contact the Academic Dean’s office of your primary major for more information.

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General Information for Re-Enrollment Applicants

Academic Advising
If you are returning after any personal or medical withdrawal, you must contact your primary major advisor and set an appointment with them prior to registering for classes. You can find advising information in the Advisor box on your Student Center in SPIRE.

Administrative Withdrawals
If there is any administrative withdrawal from the University on your record, it MUST be cleared by the appropriate agency before your application can be processed.  Administrative withdrawals are placed on a student’s record due to outstanding obligations, usually financial, from various administrative offices on campus.  The deadline for clearing administrative withdrawals for re-enrollment is June 30 for the fall semester and November 30 for the spring semester. Clearance after these dates will delay acceptance for another full semester.

Fresh Start Policy
Students who have not been enrolled at the University for at least the last three years, including courses offered through University Without Walls, are eligible to elect re-enrollment with the “Fresh Start” option. This option enables eligible students to have their prior work not included in their cumulative grade point average, so they “start fresh” with a 0.0 cumulative GPA. Information about the Fresh Start option will be sent to eligible students when re-enrollment is approved, and is available on the University Registrar’s website.

Intersession (Summer/Winter) Enrollment

Students that have re-enrolled for a fall or spring semester are eligible to enroll in the winter or summer session that precedes their re-enrollment term provided their application has been approved prior to any registration deadlines. Please refer to the UWW Academic Calendar for important Summer and Winter dates and deadlines. For more information about enrolling in Summer or Winter classes, the UWW Registration Office is available by e-mail or by phone (413.545.0555, option 2).

Major Changes
Students considering a change of major when re-enrolling should discuss these plans with their academic advisor and/or academic dean as early as possible.  It may be possible to change your major before re-enrollment to facilitate a smooth transition to a new major and to receive appropriate advice before the next enrollment period.

Transcripts of Additional Credits
Students are advised to complete a Prior Approval Form for Transfer work (available from the University Registrar’s Office) before enrolling in courses at another institution. If you have not already completed that form, complete it now.

Official transcripts of any courses attempted at another institution should be sent to or mailed to: Transfer Processing, c/o Undergraduate Admissions, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 37 Mather Drive, Amherst, MA 01003.  Credits and university requirements approved for transfer are added to your permanent record without affecting your grade point average.  For more information about the transfer credit process, the Transfer Credit Services area within the Registrar’s Office is available by e-mail or by phone (413.545.0555, option 3).

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