Re-Enrollment Information

Important Information for Fall 2020 Students Returning to UMass Amherst in Fall 2021
Please note that students admitted for Fall 2020 who withdrew and applied to re-enroll for Fall 2021 are considered returning rather than new students for university processes including housing selection and course registration.

If you were admitted to UMass Amherst in Fall 2020 but never attended and are now re-enrolling for Fall 2021, this information applies to you:

You do not need to repeat the informational online orientation you participated in last summer. Instead, you and your classmates will fully participate in the Fall Welcome programming offered by  New Student Orientation and Transition Programs at the beginning of the Fall 2021 semester. More information is available here: 

You are eligible to participate in the Power Up program. More information about the program and registration is available here:

Application Deadlines:

For Fall Semester For Spring Semester
March 15 (Guaranteed registration) October 15 (Guaranteed Registration)
June 30 (Late Registration only) November 30 (Late Registration only)

Applications may be submitted any time prior to the deadline, but will be processed in the order received beginning approximately 2 weeks prior to the deadline.

Who should fill out the Re-Enrollment Application?

All students who were previously enrolled at UMass Amherst in an undergraduate degree program and who plan to re-enroll after a period of non-enrollment should file this application. This includes:

  • Students who left in good academic standing and who want to return to active status.
  • Students returning after an academic suspension or dismissal.
  • Students returning after a disciplinary suspension.

Who should NOT fill out the Re-enrollment Application?

The following students should apply through the Undergraduate Admissions office:

  • Students that have never attended UMass Amherst but were previously enrolled at another UMass campus in any status.
  • Students previously enrolled at UMass Amherst as Special Students, University Without Walls (formerly Continuing & Professional Education) students, or exchange students from another college or university
  • Previously admitted students that never enrolled at UMass Amherst transferring in 13 or more credits from another institution (not including dual enrollment credits).

Re-Enrollment Process

Step 1: Log into SPIRE with your NetID/password and navigate to Main Menu > Academics > Application for Re-Enrollment

  • If you need assistance with your NetID/password visit UMass IT Help Desk and select IT User Services, or Email or call (413) 545-9400

Step 2: If your Re-Enrollment Application requires a clearance, you must contact the appropriate Academic Dean or Health Director.  Their approval confirmation should be sent to before your application is reviewed.

  • See Who Needs a Clearance Section below

Step 3: Once your Re-Enrollment Application is approved you will receive an email confirmation and welcome letter including next steps.

*A Nonrefundable $60.00 Re-Enrollment Application Fee will be charged to your SPIRE account.

  • U.S. citizens who were on Military/Active Duty Withdrawal are eligible for their application fee to be waived if documentation of the original military orders are included with the Re-Enrollment Application.

Who needs a clearance approval?

Students who withdrew from the University for reasons of health.  If you had a health withdrawal, visit UHS Withdrawal website or email  Brianna Mathieu or call 413-577-5271. The Director must confirm approval by emailing the Registrar's Office at

Students who withdrew from the University after the middle of the preceding semester and who have not remained out of school for a full semester.  You must obtain confirmation approval from your Academic Dean.  To identify the appropriate Academic Dean, please refer to the list of majors and their appropriate websites. The Academic Dean must email confirmation of approval to

Students who were discontinued due to their Academic Standing.  You must obtain confirmation approval from your Academic Dean, a list of majors and their appropriate websites can be found HERE. The Academic Dean must email confirmation of approval to

Students who may require an 11th or 12th semester to complete their degree requirements.  You must obtain confirmation approval from your Academic Dean, To identify the appropriate Academic Dean, please refer to the list of majors and their appropriate websites. The Academic Dean must email confirmation of approval to

  • Students who may require 13 or more semesters must file an appeal to the Committee on Admissions and Records, with prior endorsement by their Academic Dean. Contact your Academic Dean for further instructions.

General Information for Re-Enrollment Applicants

Financial Aid Application
To be considered for financial aid submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at The priority filing date is March 1st for the future academic year. Applications submitted after the priority filing date will be considered for funds available at the time of awarding.  The Financial Aid Office is located at 243 Whitmore Administration Building.

Administrative Withdrawals
If there is any administrative withdrawal from the University (including University Without Walls, formerly Continuing & Professional Education) on your record, it MUST be cleared by you at the appropriate agency before your application will be accepted. Administrative withdrawals are placed on a student’s record due to outstanding obligations, usually financial, from various administrative offices on campus.

The deadline for clearing administrative withdrawals for re-enrollment is June 30 for the fall semester and Nov. 30 for the spring semester. Clearance after these dates will delay acceptance for another full semester.

If your residency previously was out-of-state and you want to claim in-state residency, you must request a Residency Appeal Form from the Office of the Bursar,

Academic Policies and Information

Academic Advising
If you are returning after any academic withdrawal, you must contact your department for counseling purposes and to verify your re-enrollment into the department. You also must make an appointment with your Academic Dean prior to registering for classes.If you are returning after any non-academic withdrawal, you should contact your academic department to see if it is required, recommended, or optional for you to meet with an academic advisor.

Major Changes
Students considering a change of major when re-enrolling should discuss these plans with their academic advisor and/or academic dean as early as possible.  It may be possible to change your major before re-enrollment to facilitate a smooth transition to a new major and to receive appropriate advice before the next enrollment period.

Transcripts of Additional Credits
Students are advised to complete a Prior Approval Form (available from the University Registrar’s Office) before enrolling in courses at another institution. If you have not already completed that form, complete it now. Official transcripts of any courses attempted at another institution should be sent to or mailed to: Transfer Processing, C/O Undergraduate Admissions, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 37 Mather Drive, Amherst, MA 01003. Credits and university requirements approved for transfer are added to your permanent record without affecting your grade point average.

University Requirements
All returning students will be required to meet General Education requirements as well as college and major requirements

Fresh Start Policy
Students who have not been enrolled at the University for at least the last three years, including Continuing & Professional Education, are eligible to elect re-enrollment with the “Fresh Start” option. This option enables eligible students to have their prior work not included in their cumulative grade point average, so they “start fresh” with a 0.0 cumulative gpa.Information about the Fresh Start option will be sent to eligible students when re-enrollment is approved.

Note that financial aid, housing, and other student services have their own application deadlines. Housing information will be sent with your re-enrollment packet, if you request it on your application. Submitting your re-enrollment application on time is no guarantee that all student services, particularly financial aid and housing, will be available if re-enrollment is approved.