Contact Us:

Office of the University Registrar

213 Whitmore Administration Building
University of Massachusetts
181 Presidents Drive
Amherst, MA 01003-9313

Patrick Sullivan, University Registrar

Phone: 413.545.0555
Fax: 413.545.2920

Registration/Transcripts Services 

Inquiries related to:

  • Fall/Spring registration for undergraduate students
  • Transcripts for all UMass Amherst students (undergrad, grad, non-degree)
  • Enrollment/degree verifications
  • Other general inquiries

Supervisor: Tom Fritsch, Assoc Registr Oper & Athletics

Phone: 413.545.0555, option 5
Live Chat: Link

Note: If you are/were a graduate student and you have an inquiry not related to your transcript, please contact the Grad School.

University+ Session Records & Registration

Inquiries related to:

  • Summer/Winter registration for all students
  • Non-degree student registration and assistance

Supervisor: Tom Fritsch, Assoc Registr Oper & Athletics

Zoom Support Hours: Monday – Friday, 10:00am – 3:00pm Link

Phone: 413.545.0555, option 2
Fax: 413.545.0513

Transfer Credit Services

Inquiries related to:

  • Incoming transfer credits and test scores
  • Prior course approvals
  • CLEPs

Supervisor: Terry Magdycz

Phone: 413.545.0555, option 3
Live Chat: Link

Diploma and Graduation Services

Inquiries related to:

  • Graduation requirements
  • Diplomas
  • Replacement diplomas

Supervisor: Janet Danylieko, Assistant Registrar

Phone: 413.545.0555, option 4

Note: If you are/were a graduate student, please contact the Grad School.

Course and Classroom Management

Inquiries related to:

  • Scheduling academic courses
  • Scheduling university events
  • Classrooms

Supervisor: Sharmila Muratoti, Associate Registrar

Phone: 413.545.2605
Fax: 413.545.4792