iCons—the integrated concentration in STEM—is a 20-credit undergraduate certificate program that aims to inspire a diverse generation of innovators ​with the attitudes and skills needed to solve the problems facing society. 

iCons does not replace a major; rather, it enhances your major with collaborative learning, discovery-based projects, leadership development, and multidisciplinary analytical skills that translate directly to careers at the leading edge of science, technology, and innovation.  

You’ll apply knowledge from your major to existing problems of global significance, such as pandemics, endocrine disruptors, or the development of algae biofuels. 

The iCons curriculum integrates expertise across interdisciplinary teams, giving you opportunities to work with real-world case studies from day one. You’ll choose a theme area before registering for your second-year courses, and your program will culminate with an honors thesis, research project, or engineering project focused on solving a real-world problem.  

iCons students are not required to be members of the Commonwealth Honors College, but all iCons courses carry honors credit.