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Information Technology

I AM at UMass Amherst

Identity & Access Management (I AM)
I AM at UMass Amherst


Your identities can be reflected in the technologies you use every day. Be you and confidently navigate all the resources and experiences we have to offer securely.

Who I AM

Identity Access Management (I AM) enables students, faculty, and staff to access services and resources seamlessly online using two-step login. That means two or more verification methods are needed to confirm it's you. It's like at the DMV when you're applying for a driver's license renewal - except completing authentication is a cinch, no matter where you're logging in.

Why I AM

Create a flexible, equitable experience for all.
We use different sets of resources depending on our roles and interests - or what day it is - and everyone should be able to access them securely.

Safeguard university resources
Would you let a stranger in unannounced or would you confirm you know them first? Taking a few extra seconds to authenticate makes you a good steward of data and content online.

Be future-ready
Technology is constantly evolving. If you can use multi-factor authentication, you'll be able to access and keep up with all the enterprise technology here and in the workforce of the future.

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Did you know that 98% of UMass Amherst is already securely accessing university resources? Join them!

About Two-Step Login

What is two-step login? Two-step login protects your account by verifying your identity using a second device when you log in.
UMass Amherst currently uses Microsoft two-step login for most services.

How does it work? When you log in to a two-step login enabled service, you will be prompted to finish logging in with any of the following methods you choose:

  • Push notification or a passcode via an app on your mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.)
  • Text message (SMS) to your mobile device.
  • Phone call to your landline phone or mobile phone.