Faculty members in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts present the results of their research, creative, and scholarly efforts at conferences, educational institutions, and professional meetings nationally and internationally. To encourage and support this activity the College offers the Research Presentation Program. 

Offsets the cost of travel to conferences for the purpose of presenting research or participating in a panel discussion.

  • Maximum award amounts for applications approved in fiscal year 2024 (7/1/23 – 6/30/24):
    • $1,250 for domestic destinations (48 states, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico)
    • $1,250 for Mexico and Canada destinations
    • $1,500 for international destinations (other than Mexico and Canada)
    • $250 for virtual presentations


Applications will be accepted from all full-time HFA faculty members. This program does not support general conference attendance. Eligible faculty members may submit multiple requests up to the total amounts outlined below.

Application due date: Applications will be accepted throughout the current academic year, September 1st through March 1st. All applications for spring and summer presentations must be received by March 1. Post-event applications will not be considered. 

Maximum amount:
   $250 - per registration for online events
$1,250 - total for domestic destinations (48 states, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico)

$1,250 - total Canada or Mexico destinations
$1,500 - total for international destinations (other than Canada and Mexico) 

Award Management

Please keep track of your receipts related to conference travel and work with your department business manager to charge the expenses to your retention account. Your department business manager should then submit a detailed Summit report to the HFA Business Office to reimburse your account. If this trip does not use the entire amount of the award, you may submit a new RPF application to use the remaining funds.

If your trip is canceled, please use the HFA Multipurpose Submission Form to advise the College. 

If you would like to present at a replacement conference, please submit a new application via the HFA Multipurpose Submission Form.

How to Apply

Please complete the HFA Multipurpose Submission Form, which should be submitted well in advance of the presentation date and must be received prior to the event. All applications for spring and summer presentations to take place in the current calendar year must be received by March 1.

When applying, please provide the following information:

  1. A single-page abstract of the research you will present or the paper you will give. If you will read from, perform, or exhibit your creative work, your abstract should identify and describe the material being featured and explain why it was chosen.
  2. A link to the event program or schedule where your name appears, a PDF of the program, or an email from the event organizer confirming the nature of your participation in the event.
  3. A project budget naming the anticipated expenses, the cost of each, the sources of funding, and the amount anticipated from each funding source. The budget may include, where applicable, the event registration fee, transportation, accommodations, meals/per diem, and other allowable expenses.
  4. Cost of confirmed or anticipated funding from other sources
  5. The current balance of your retention account and, if the funds are earmarked for other activities, your plan for using the funds.
  6. Apply via the HFA Multipurpose Submission Form.


  1. Applications for AY23-24 presentations will be accepted 9/1/23-3/1/24. Apply early; demand for presentation support typically exceeds funding.
  2. Applications must be received prior to the event. Post-event applications will not be considered.
  3. Award applications for spring 2024 and summer 2024 presentations must be received by 3/1/24.

More Information

Contact afleig [at] umass [dot] edu (Amy Fleig)