The undergraduate certificate in film studies is an exciting and interdisciplinary program. If you’re interested in film history, criticism, theory, aesthetics, or production, the six-course program is an excellent choice to supplement the rest of your undergraduate experience. 

You’ll have the option of completing your courses in person or completing a comprehensive version of the certificate program online. Either way, you’ll start with an initial appointment with an advisor to enroll in the program and begin to plan your experience. 

For your work towards the certificate, you’ll take at least one introductory course, one course in the history or theory of film, one course on a genre, director, or national cinema, and one elective of your choosing. In selecting these courses, you’ll have your pick of an broad range of options.  

The certificate is a wonderful way to feed your love for the art of film or to begin on a path toward a career in academia, film production, or related fields.