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South College

150 Hicks Way
Amherst, MA 01003-9274
United States



Sophie Horowitz joined the Philosophy Department at UMass in 2016. Before that, she was an Assistant Professor at Rice University for two years.

Horowitz works mainly in epistemology. She is currently interested in the relationship between rationality and truth, and in formal questions about how to think about accuracy and partial belief.


Accuracy and Educated Guesses. Forthcoming in Oxford Studies in Epistemology. [draft] [abstract]*Winner of the 2015 Marc Sanders Prize in Epistemology.

Epistemic Utility and the "Jamesian Goals". In preparation for Jeffrey Dunn and Kristoffer Ahlstrom-Vij, eds., Epistemic Consequentialism, OUP. [draft] [abstract]

Uniqueness: A New Argument (with Sinan Dogramaci). In preparation for Philosophical Issues 26: Knowledge and Mind.

Respecting All the Evidence (with Paulina Sliwa). Philosophical Studies 172 (11):2835-2858.

Expecting the Unexpected (with Tom Dougherty and Paulina Sliwa), Res Philosophica 92 (2):301-321, special issue on transformative experience.

Epistemic Akrasia [2014]. Noûs 48 (4):718-744.

Immoderately Rational [2013]. Philosophical Studies 167(1):1-16