Giving yourself the knowledge and skills of landscape and building design is an ideal way to prepare for careers in both the municipal and the private sector. The dual master’s program in landscape architecture (MLA) and architecture (MArch) at UMass Amherst is a perfect way to do just that. 

In the MLA curriculum, you’ll combine theoretical, historical, cultural, environmental, and technical dimensions of landscape architecture with an emphasis on practice through studio and service to nearby communities. In the MArch curriculum, you’ll gain a strong technical foundation and intensive studio and skill training applicable to a wide variety of design issues.  

You’ll spend two semesters of full-time study in each department, then divide the remaining coursework between the two programs. You’ll cap off your work with a joint research thesis or project. 

When you’ve finished, you’ll have experience in a wide range of contexts, including sustainable development, site plan analysis and implementation, community-based design and planning, information technology, and other new tools and techniques (e.g., GIS, LEED, etc.).