Advanced Elective Requirements

BMB majors are required to earn a minimum of 8 credits of Advanced Electives. Advanced elective options include most (but not all) science and math courses numbered 300 and above, including Independent Research/Study credits earned conducting research in a lab (e.g. BIOCHEM 396, BIOCHEM 499Y, etc.). Five College courses can be taken for advanced elective credits. Contact the Chief Undergraduate Advisor to have Five College courses approved.

Partial List of Acceptable Advanced Elective Courses for BMB Majors

It is the student’s responsibility to check the prerequisites for each course. If a course is not on this list, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the Chief Undergraduate Advisor to confirm that a course is approved as an advanced elective in BMB.

Not all courses on this list are offered every semester, and many of these courses do not open to non-majors until several weeks after registration begins. Students are encouraged to email instructors to inquire about space in their courses, so long as they remain polite in their emails and exercise patience as response times can be slow during registration.

Courses that CANNOT be used to satisfy the Advanced Elective Requirement:

  • Courses required for the core Biochemistry curriculum, such as BIOCHEM 430H, BIOCHEM 471, BIOCHEM 423, etc.
  • Non-majors courses, such as BIOCHEM 320 Elementary Biochemistry, BIOCHEM 321 Elementary Biochemistry Lab, and CHEM 423 Biochemistry for Chemists                                                                                          
  • Integrated Experience (IE) courses, such as BIOCHEM 394RI and NATSCI 494I
  • Courses that satisfy the General Genetics requirement, such as ANIMLSCI 311 and BIOL 311
  • Practicum courses (X98x)