This protein (red) has been glycosolated with glycans (blue and green).

Protein Homeostasis and Associated Diseases

How proteins are made, delivered to proper cellular location, and folded into functional three-dimensional structures; how defects in these processes lead to disease.

Photo of a rack of plants in the lab

Plant and Environmental Interactions; Mechanisms of Cellular Signal Transduction

How plants, microbes, and the environment interact: plants and nitrogen-fixing bacteria, plants and fungal pathogens, plants and heat stress, and plant natural products that are potential pharmaceuticals or biofuels.

Cortical brain organoid from patient derived iPSC cells, green and purple on a black background

Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Neurodevelopmental and Neurodegenerative Diseases

How signaling and metabolic networks are integrated and regulated to allow for proper cellular function and organismal development.

Ludmila Tyler high-fives a graduating senior wearing their cap and gown, both smiling at the camera

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

How to develop and implement pedagogical best practices to improve learning outcomes for students in STEM.