Digital design of a crest, similar to the Hogwarts crest from Harry Potter, but with each quarter of the shield representing one of the four bases found in a DNA molecule (A, T, G, and C)

The UMass Biochemistry Club is a registered student organization (RSO) that is dedicated to providing opportunities to undergraduate students of any major to explore a career in the life sciences field. The club frequently holds peer mentoring events on topics like getting into a research lab and finding an industry internship. It also hosts guest speakers from biotech and pharmaceutical industries who come to campus to explain how they have made their careers in the life science field. Once each semester, the club goes on an industrial lab tour, which allows students to see firsthand the types of jobs that will be available to them after graduation from UMass.

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Officers for the 2024–2025 Academic Year

Co-Presidents: Rithvik Sandiri and Anna Chapman
Vice President: Nandini Kritam
Treasurer: Gabe Silver
Secretary: Kosi Chugbo-Junius
Communications: Alan Perry
General Eboard: Anna Maria Kuraszkiewicz, Isha Goyal, Erika Lu, Kathyrn Ohm
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amy Springer