Isabella Weber, economics, UMass Amherst, and Tom Krebs, University of Mannheim, have co-authored a new working paper for the Forum for a New Economy. "Can Price Controls be Optimal? The Economics of the Energy Shock in Germany" argues that, "price controls should be part of the policy toolbox to respond to shocks to systemically important sectors because not using them can have large economic and political costs." The authors present evidence from research on recent economic crises causing inflation rates to rise, as well as steps Germany has taken to stabilize prices for citizens. 

The Forum for a New Economy is a non-partisan platform founded in Berlin in 2019 with the aim of seeking new solutions and a new overarching paradigm for the major challenges of climate change, growing inequality and globalization, as well as redefining the role of the state. It supports innovative researchers and brings together renowned experts with practitioners and the wider public. 

Article posted in Research for Faculty