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Gerald Friedman, economics, recently presented his latest economic analysis of a bill proposing a single-payer healthcare system in Massachusetts. At an event hosted by Mass-Care, an advocacy coalition working to transition the commonwealth to a single-payer system, Friedman outlined the cost for such a system while pointing out the consequences of sticking to the current multi-payer, for-profit model. 

"Even in Massachusetts, there are parts of the Commonwealth where people do not go to the doctor because they can't afford it and they die at higher rates," says Friedman. "The major factor [in counties with higher age-adjusted mortality rates] is not wether people have health insurance, it's whether their health insurance actually allows them to go to the doctor." 

Read more about Friedman's analysis and the bill, An Act Establishing Medicare for All in Massachusetts (H. 1239 and S. 744). 

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