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411-417 N Pleasant St
Amherst, MA 01003
United States

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Professional Experience: 

  • Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, February 2016-Present
  • Visiting Professor, School of Management, Kochi University of Technology, December 2015-Present
  • Visiting scholar, Department of Economics, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, October 2013-September 2014
  • Professor, The Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University, April 2010-February 2016
  • Fulbright visiting scholar, Department of Political Sciences, Yale University, October 2001-September 2003
  • Associate Professor, The Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University, October 1999-March 2010
  • Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Hokkaido University, January 1998-September 1999
  • Research Associate, The Institute of Social and Economic Research, Osaka University, April 1996-December 1997
  • Research Associate, Department of Economics, Hitotsubashi University, April 1995-March 1996

Research Interests: 

  • Welfare Economics
  • Mathematical Marxian Economics
  • Theories of Distributive Justice
  • Political Competition
  • History of Economic Thoughts
  • International Trade Theory

Honors and Awards: 

  • The Distinguished Achievement Award in Political Economy for The Twenty-First Century (by The World Association for Political Economy), May 2011
  • The First Encouragement Prize of Japan Society for Political Economy (by Japan Society of Political Economy), October 2010

Professional Activities: 

  • Associate Editor, Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics, 4/2015 -
  • Associate Editor, Studies in Microeconomics, 3/2013 -
  • Editorial Board, The Economic Review, 4/2010 - 9/2013
  • Editorial Board, Political Economy Quarterly, 7/2005 - 4/2008
  • Executive Committee, Japan Society for Political Economy, 10/2014 - 11/2015


  • Econometric Society
  • Game Theory Society
  • Society for Social Choice and Welfare
  • Society for Economic Design
  • Association for Public Economic Theory
  • Union for Radical Political Economics
  • Japanese Economic Association
  • Japan Society for Political Economy
  • Japanese Society for Comparative Economics

Selected Publications: 


  • Rational Choice and Social Welfare: Theory and Applications, (co-edited with P. Pattanaik, K. Tadenuma, and Y. Xu), September 2008, Springer.
  • Toward a Welfare Theory of Labor Exploitation, February 2008, Iwanami Publisher (Japanese).


  • "On the Existence and Characterization of Unequal Exchange in the Free Trade Equilibrium," (with Soh Kaneko), forthcoming in Metroeconomica.
  • "The Dynamics of Exploitation and Class in Accumulation Economies," (with J. Cogliano and R. Veneziani), forthcoming in Metroeconomica.
  • "A Progress Report on Marxian Economic Theory: On the Controversies in Exploitation Theory since Okishio (1963)," forthcoming in Journal of Economic Survey.
  • "Exploitation in economies with heterogeneous preferences, skills and assets: An axiomatic approach," (with Roberto Veneziani), Journal of Theoretical Politics, 27, January 2015 , pp. 8-33.
  • "Exploitation of Labour and Exploitation of Commodities: a "New Interpretation"" (with Roberto Veneziani), Review of Radical Political Economics 45, December 2013, pp. 517-524.
  • "A Full Characterization of Nash Implementation with Strategy Space Reduction," (with Michele Lombardi), Economic Theory 54, September 2013, pp131-151.
  • "Rationality and solutions to nonconvex bargaining problems: rationalizability and Nash solutions" (with Yongsheng Xu), Mathematical Social Sciences 66, July 2013, pp66-70.
  • "Class and Exploitation in General Convex Cone Economies," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 75, August 2010, pp. 281-296.
  • "Triple Implementation in Production Economies with unequal skills by Sharing Mechanisms," (joint with Akira Yamada), International Journal of Game Theory 36, 2007, pp. 85-106.
  • "Alternative Characterizations of Three Bargaining Solutions for Nonconvex Problems," (joint with Yongsheng Xu), Games and Economic Behavior 57, October 2006, pp. 86-92.
  • "A Class of Fair Distribution Rules a la Rawls and Sen," (with Reiko. Gotoh), Economic Theory 22, August 2003, pp. 63-88.
  • "Characterizations of Bargaining Solutions in Production Economies with Unequal Skills, Journal of Economic Theory 108, February 2003, pp. 256-285.
  • "A Characterization of Natural and Double Implementation in Production Economies," Social Choice and Welfare 17, August 2000, pp. 571-599.
  • "Wealth, Exploitation, and Labor Discipline in the Contemporary Capitalist Economy," Metroeconomica 49-1, February 1998, pp.23-61.