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John W. Olver Design Building

551 N Pleasant Street
Amherst, MA 01003
United States

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Senior Lecturer II of Landscape Architecture. Stockbridge School of Agriculture Landscape Contracting Program Coordinator. Michael teaches within the Landscape Contracting, Bachelor's in Landscape Architecture and Master's in Landscape Architecture programs. Courses taught include Introduction to Landscape Design, Residential Landscape Design, Grading and Surveying, Construction Materials, Small Business Management and Site Engineering. Owner of design/build firm specializing in private garden construction. 


  • LANDARCH  294A/614 - Construction II - Construction Materials
  • LANDARCH  297A - Introduction to Landscape Design
  • LANDARCH  297M - Business Concepts of Landscape Contracting
  • LANDARCH  298C - Fundamentals of Site Grading
  • LANDARCH  397A - Studio III Residential Garden
  • LANDARCH  397E - Site Engineering
  • LANDARCH  503 - Residential Landscape Design