Diversity Mission Statement

The Clinical Program is committed to promoting awareness of, and respect for, cultural and individual diversity.  It is our goal to train students to address issues of diversity in theory, research, and practice in clinical psychology. To achieve this goal, we integrate training on diversity issues throughout students’ learning experiences. In coursework, students complete an intensive core course devoted to diversity issues, and cover topic-specific material in all core clinical courses. In clinical training, students practice awareness of and response to diversity issues through clinical practica and individual supervision. In research, students consider diversity issues during study design, implementation, analysis, and interpretation.

As a program and a community, we integrate diversity themes and topics into our clinical colloquium series and an annual retreat that encourages active discussion and reflection on diversity issues in our division.  Finally, as members of the academic community, we seek opportunities to advocate for attention to issues of diversity outside of our own division at the department, college, and university levels.

Further information on Cultural Diversity initiatives can be found under the diversity tab at www.pbs.umass.edu/diversity/diversity-research-area.