Diversity in Psychology Club (DIPC)

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This organization focuses on increasing awareness, knowledge, and skills regarding multicultural/diversity/social justice issues. We define diversity broadly to include race, ethnicity, language, gender, social class, sexual orientation, religion, disability, and physical appearance. Through meetings, educational events, bulletin boards, social activities, and guest speakers, DIPC strives to create awareness of diversity and to provide support for students who are from diverse backgrounds and/or who are interested in pursuing careers that involve working with diverse populations. We aim to create a space that flourishes upon open discussion, team bonding, and expanding cultural horizons.

Meetings are every Tuesday from 6-7 PM in Tobin Hall room 520. There is no official “sign up” or appointment needed to join our club, you are welcome to just come right in! Information is updated weekly on our new Instagram handle @dipcumass.

Our club is made up of predominantly psychology students but is open to all other students of any major, regardless of age, grade, race/ethnicity, sex, and gender identity.

For more information regarding DIPC, please contact faculty advisor Dr. Youngbin Kwak at youngbin@umass.edu.

To stay connected and up to date, please follow our social media handles:
Instagram: @dipcumass
Facebook: Diversity and Psychology Club UMass
Twitter: @DpcUmass


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Katie Hogan
President and Public Relations Manager