The bilingual/English as a second language/multicultural education MEd program is a collaborative, inclusive, and supportive learning community where teachers prepare to help students of all ages, in schools, community settings, and workplaces, acquire additional languages and literacies while supporting their native language and cultural development. Our students become leaders in second language education and multicultural education and have the option to obtain teaching licenses in ESL or bilingual education.

We approach the study and practice of language development holistically, exploring the philosophic, historical, and theoretical foundations of multilingual/multicultural learning and teaching. We envision educational practices that help build an equitable world and multicultural nation and develop curricula that are responsive to racial, cultural, linguistic, and social class differences and facilitate learning. We prepare educational leaders to promote intercultural communication and cooperation and to critique and challenge existing social and educational structures and practices that exclude nondominant groups and denigrate native language and culture.