The Graduate Certificate in Digital Media Design and Making in Education is ideal for current and future educators looking to discover ways to use technology to enrich, extend, and advance learning in formal and informal educational environments. Students who enroll in the certificate will engage in hands-on design activities to develop their knowledge and skills as digital media producers, Makers, and learning experience designers. Individuals who complete this program will be well-prepared to create accessible, inclusive, and creative learning activities and events, educational media, and makerspaces for in-person, remote, online, and blended educational environments.

The graduate certificate program is fully online, making it convenient for professionals from a wide geographic area. You can complete the program in one year by taking one course during summer and three courses during the school year (e.g., two courses in the fall and one in the spring or one course in the fall and two in spring) or you can spread the courses out over more semesters.