The University of Massachusetts Amherst

The graduate certificate in climate change, hazards, and green infrastructure planning provides students with a credential showing that they have unique skills to address one of the most pressing topic areas in policy today. This is an innovative program that provides the knowledge and skills to implement solutions to the resilience and climate change emergency. 

There is an emerging need for professionals trained in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing resilience to climate change effects. This is a particular issue at the site, local, and regional level, where choices in infrastructure and spatial form can support lower fossil fuel use and better hazard resilience for all, or they can build in inefficiency, inequity, and risk to communities.  When it comes to the built form, the best approaches utilize green infrastructure such as low-impact stormwater management systems, urban greening to reduce heat island effects, low-fossil-fuel transport systems, and regenerative designs that also attend to equity. These practices need to be embedded in community goals, values, and visions. Addressed holistically, this enables fundamental change in community futures.