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Climate Change, Hazards and Green Infrastructure Planning

Elisabeth Hamin Certificate Program Coordinator

Shape the future of greener, more equitable, and climate adapted cities

Climate change is affecting every country in every continent and has the potential to cause major disruptions to our economies and lives. With this threat looming, there is an urgent need for professionals skilled in finding solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase resilience to climate change effects. 

Working at the site, local, and regional level provides the opportunity for real change.  Choices in infrastructure and spatial form can support lower fossil fuel use and better hazard resilience for all while building more equitable and sustainable communities. 

The Graduate Certificate in Climate Change, Hazards, and Green Infrastructure Planning is a nationally-innovative program bringing together planning and design at the urban scale. It equips students with a highly sought after and unique skillset in one of the most pressing topic areas in policy today. The certificate is offered online and in-person.


Find out more or apply by emailing the Certificate Program Coordinator, Professor Elisabeth Hamin Infield, at

What you should include in your application:

  1. CV/resume

  2. A brief statement of interest (250 words maximum)

Download program prospectus for more information on courses, electives, and learning outcomes.