The Controller's Office staff serve as the fiscal stewards of the University - safeguarding its resources and assets. We implement policies in a fair and consistent manner and support faculty, staff, students and vendors in the collection, payment and accounting of its financial activities.

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The Controller's Office is located in the Mass Venture Center at 100 Venture Way, Suite 201, Hadley, MA 01035.


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The US Bank Declining Balance Card Application for Purchasing Gift Cards can be requested for the purpose of purchasing gift cards as allowed in the Campus business expense policy (limit is $100 per person per event). If you are requesting gift cards for human subject participants, please complete the US Bank declining balance card application for human subject payments.

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The US Bank Declining Balance Card Application for Human Subject Participant Gift Cards can be requested for the purpose of distributing gift cards to human subject participants (limit is $100 per person per study). University Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval is required. An Application must be filed separately for each study/protocol.

Procard, department and travel cards are being replaced with one bank card.  This bank card will be attached to one SpeedType and Account, preferably on a Non-Sponsored chartstring.  The account number to use for the new bank card would depend on what you’re using the card for.  Some cardholders use the card primarily for supplies while others use it for both supplies and travel.  It is recommend cardholders use the account code which you would expect to use most, to reduce the need for reallocation.  If the card is being used for mostly supplies, the most commonly used account code is 742992.  This card will require more reallocation due to the fact that it’s one card being used for employee travel, non-employee travel and supply purchases.  List of account codes may be found at

Find the FY22 closing dates,  and FY23 opening dates for BuyWays users.  The FY22 closing dates referenced are for information only. These are our best estimates for the year-end processing at this time.  If a FY22 purchase order is not fully paid prior to Year End Closing date the balance will roll into FY23 and will become a FY23 encumbrance. 

NCURA (National Council of University Research Administrators) Internal Report: Login to Box with your Net ID to access this report.

BuyWays Catalog/Punchout purchases less than $2,500 can be made without a secondary approval of a departmental manager due to the fact that such purchases are low dollar and limited to certain items.  To assist the departmental manager with a review to ensure these purchases relate and support the department’s mission, an alert report was created listing those catalog/punchout purchases for a selected month.  The report can be accessed in the Summit Reporting tool through the Academic Admin or Department Admin dashboards.  The Alert Report is found on the left side of the page when accessing the Summary tab.  Clicking on the “BuyWays  - Catalog/Punchout Requisitions less than $2,500”  link will produce a report of purchases made on chart fields within the report user’s authority.