Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies (WGSS) is an exciting interdisciplinary major! In WGSS, we are committed to an integrative analysis, where the study of women, gender, and sexuality is understood to be multifaceted, diverse, and embedded in complex matrices of power relations. Our undergraduate curriculum includes a rich set of core courses and electives that present students with the vibrant field of feminist scholarship today. The courses challenge students to critically examine the categories of analysis and aim to make the complex and multiple histories of feminisms, feminist movements, and feminist theory accessible. In addition, our curriculum encourages our students to develop critical analyses of the politics of knowledge. We encourage students to explore internships, independent studies, honors, and other educational opportunities in order to craft their own program to best suit their interests.  

How Do I Become a WGSS Major?

If you are a current UMass student who wants to major or minor in WGSS, please fill out the linked form, and we'll be in touch! 

As soon as you are an official major, the WGSS requirements will appear in SPIRE.

Major Requirements

WGSS majors must take at least 36 WGSS credits that include the following required courses:

  • WGSS 201: Gender and Difference: Critical Analyses (offered every semester)
  • 300-level theory class: Students must take a course that fulfills the theory requirement (see the course guide)
  • WGSS 310: Junior Year Writing (offered each fall)
  • WGSS 494TI: The Integrative Experience Seminar (offered in spring): Students must have taken a course that counts toward the theory requirement before taking this class
  • A minimum of three additional classes offered in the WGSS department, 3 or more credits each, 200 level and above
  • Additional electives for a total of 36 credits or more

Additional Requirements