Currently, we offer a Graduate Certificate in Feminist Studies. This independent interdisciplinary program is designed to broaden and enrich disciplinary scholarship for students enrolled in a master’s or doctoral-degree-granting program. The purpose of the certificate is to enable students interested in feminist scholarship to pursue a coherent, integrated curriculum in the field and to credential them as knowledgeable in feminist studies, thus qualifying them for positions requiring such expertise. Students completing the certificate will have the opportunity to bring a feminist perspective to bear on the practices and ideas of their own discipline, thereby increasing the body of feminist theory and research. 

Graduate Certificate Alumni Spotlight

Cassaundra Rodriguez recently published her first book: Contested Americans: Mixed-Status Families in Anti-Immigrant Times (NYU, 2023)

Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Neveda, Las Vegas
image of Cassandra Rodrigues, smiling against a yellow background