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Reactivation and Readmission


For a student who previously enrolled in classes as an online undergraduate student but never completed their degree and wishes to return to an online undergraduate program.


For a student who was previously enrolled in an on-campus undergraduate program but never completed their degree and wishes to return to an online undergraduate program.

Once you are reactivated/readmitted, please follow the instructions on how to enroll.

Please check your applicant portal for any holds on your record. Holds are placed on a student’s record for various reasons including outstanding financial obligations, academic status, health reasons or dismissal. View holds in SPIRE where you will find details including contact information for the department/office that may assist you with a particular hold. Please note matriculation cannot occur until holds have been resolved.

You also have the option of enrolling as a non-degree student if you would like to enroll in a class but aren’t quite ready to get back into a degree program. Please refer to the instructions on How to Enroll as a Non-Degree Student.

IMPORTANT: Registering as a non-degree student to take classes before you are reactivated/readmitted will nullify the Fresh Start option, even if you had originally been eligible.

Questions? Please contact Advising at @email or 413-545-3430.

Former on-campus undergraduate students who wish to return to an on-campus undergraduate program should contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office at @email or 413-545-0222.

Former graduate students should contact the Graduate Student Service Center or call 413-545-0722.