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UMass Amherst campus

UMass Amherst Revises Fall Reopening Plan

Worsening national conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic prompt the university to make a major reduction in the size of the campus population.

Stringent Approach Required as Pandemic Spreads

  • Measures Focus on Safeguarding Health

  • Only Students in Face-to-Face Courses Will Have Campus Access

  • Off-Campus Students Urged Not to Return to Amherst

  • Wide-Ranging Testing Protocols Being Implemented

  • International Students Will Be Accommodated

  • Research Laboratories to Remain Open

Recent News

The Faculty Senate has approved a revised academic calendar for the Spring 2021 semester.

A message from the chancellor about the workforce reductions agreement made with the PSU and USA unions to avert staff layoffs.

UMass announced the launch of a new system-wide initiative to make courses on each of its campuses available to students on all five campuses.

UMass Amherst's COVID-19 asymptomatic testing program for the UMass community now includes free testing for all students living in the Amherst area.