What is Comparative Literature?

Comparative literature is the international, interdisciplinary study of literature and other media as modes of human expression. The comparative perspective includes insights from philosophy, history, linguistics, sociology, the sciences, and mass media. You’ll examine literature from many national traditions, and you’ll learn about relationships between literature and other art forms. 

In the comparative literature program at UMass Amherst, you can find the personalized academic major track that's right for you and choose from an array of comprehensive and unique courses. Your academic growth and advancement are our top priorities, supported through our student-centered programming, advising, and support. 

The undergraduate major in comparative literature offers several tracks, allowing you to customize your course of study. You can choose a language-intensive path, specializing in two or three languages. Or choose to pair language and literature with the study of another discipline (for example, history, art, economics, philosophy, film, political science, etc.). Our program features many courses in film and translation, which you can choose as a specialization within the major.

Comparative literature majors must take six courses in comparative literature, along with upper-level courses in at least two other departments selected with the guidance of an advisor.